Frankford 8x10 Rectangle Monterey Umbrella

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Perfect umbrella for Rectangular or Oval Dining tables!

316L Solid stainless-steel crank handle and axle.

Expertly crafted, commercially tested crank auto tilt system.

Stainless-steel hardware throughout the entire construction

1/2" fiberglass ribs and struts for maximum strength & flexibility - engineered to withstand 40mph winds

1.5" diameter center pole with a 1/8" aluminum wall thickness provides incredible strength & durability

Only the best 9oz. marine grade, solution dyed acrylic fabric that is manufactured with the highest quality raw materials, and undergoes rigorous quality-assurance tests. It has an outer surface finish, and is treated with the Infinity Process which makes the fabric waterproof. Easy to clean, mold & mildew resistant, and has and exceptional (and unmatched) guarantee against fading.

Warranty: Fabric - 10 Years; Construction - 5 Years; Finish - 3 Years; Parts Replacement - 3 Years.

Frames are available in 7 finishes, however we usually only stock Matte Silver or Polished Silver in our store. Other finishes to be special-ordered are: Golden Oak, Heather Willow, Matte Black, Matte White, or Matte Bronze.